Julia started working at TAG's in April, 2017.    You can see her in the Call Me Maybe Video with her sister, Hannah!

Kelly has been with TAG's since the Summer of 2012.  She rocks the Sandwich Prep and she makes a mean latte!

Morgan is one of our servers and will be attending college in the fall of 2017.

Heidi is currently at THE Ohio State but works at TAG's whenever she is in town!

Maddie will be leaving April, 2017 to pursue her degree at the prestigious CIA of New York in the fall of 2017.

Erica started at TAG's in April, 2017.

She is an art student at Mount St. Joe.

Maria has been at TAG's since the first year we opened!  She makes awesome potato soup and killer french toast!

Holly will be leaving in April, 2017 to co-op for her degree and to get MARRIED!

Tina is one of our newest employees but she is rocking' the kitchen!

Leslie is new to the TAG's Kitchen but she is Fabulous!

Frances joined the Cafe a couple of years ago.  She has managed to drop entire trays of turnovers, burn soup, and cause havoc wherever she lands.  She is fun to have around when she's not at the North Pole.

Lori has been with TAG's since the Summer of 2012.  She bakes a phat cookie and makes an awesome omelette!

Meredith was a long time customer and now she's Serving our Customers!

Ruth is a server and has been with TAG's since DAY 1.  She is married to my son and is raising my awesome Grandkids!

Nicole actually started at TAG's when she was 12.  She's family so she's been around for a while!  The girl loves to pose for pictures with pie!

Kellie just started at TAG's the summer of 2015.  She helps in the kitchen and loves to cook and bake!

Terri owns the place and is totally living the dream!

Mary has worked at TAG's since 2000.

Yes, 2000.  We go way back and

we are great friends!  She's the reason we have meatloaf.

Thanks, Mar…..

Dawn rules the Sandwich Prep!

She has triplets and she's also a

Christmas Maniac!

Abby is one of our newest servers!  She's a student at Colerain High School.

Ari started working in a commercial kitchen at the age of 14!  She started working at TAG's in April, 2017!

Maddie is a

Nursing Student

and serving at TAG's.  Customers LOVE her!